Hair loss, a nightmare which no one wants to experience. People in order to avoid hair loss do many things like regular oiling, hair spa, taking some supplements etc. but many a times these methods cannot prevent hair loss. In such case one should consult hair specialist. In India you can find many hair treatment establishments. Mumbai, is one of the famous hub of hair specialist. You can find various hair loss treatments in Mumbai in abundance, out of which you can choose according to your requirements and budget. But before choosing one, there are a lot of things one need to take care of, because in Mumbai it is easy to get caught in wrong hands.

Basic information one should know about the best hair loss treatment:

  • Treatment will be based on the type of hair and scalp

The treatment will be based on what you have. The treatment will be possible only if you have a proper hairline or your hair is thinning. Generally the hair from back and sides of the head is taken to transplant them in the thinning areas. Approaching to clinics with a bald head will not solve your problem.

  • Opting for the best clinic

Selecting a reputed clinic for the treatment is the most important thing. One should be wise enough to choose the best hair loss treatment centre in Mumbai. Always do a proper research and jot down the famous clinic with good past records and service. Always check the experience and reputation of the doctors. You can book a consultation appointment with them and then select the best for yourself.

  • Transplanted hair and normal hair is same

Transplanted hair behaves the same like your normal hair. So, don’t panic. Taking care of transplant hair is same as we take care of normal hair. In fact styling of transplant hair is also simple and similar to normal hair.

  • Various charges charged by the clinics

Cost is the main factor to look for before going for a hair loss treatment in Mumbai. The cost basically depends on three factors-

  • Number of grafts to be plucked.
  • Location of the clinic
  • Experience of the doctor
  • Status of patient’s hair and scalp


  • Hair loss treatment types

Hair loss can be treated in two ways- FUE and FUT method of hair plantation.

In FUE hair follicles are removed and transplanted individually whereas in FUT, a strip of tissue with hair is removed from back of head and grafts are prepared from them.

Hair loss treatment in Mumbai is not that difficult to find, most of the clinics provides the best treatment. If you want to go for it, just do a simple research and chose the best clinic which can solve your hair loss problem.

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