Non-Surgical Liposuction in Mumbai, India

Liposuction is the surgical removal of fat from the body and has emerged as an effective fat-reduction option for those who can’t achieve their desired body shape by physical exercise and diet control alone. But to be eligible for a liposuction procedure, one must have a morbid amount of fat that needs to be removed through suctioning. For those who are overweight but not fit for surgical removal of fat from the body, various alternate treatments are available in India.

With a growing trend of obesity and lifestyle imbalances, there is a need for weight loss treatments and fat reduction procedures in the current age. Dermatologist Mumbai offers to-notch and reliable no-surgical liposuction treatment.  Non-surgical liposuction treatment is a process that removes fat from various areas of the human body. This is completely non-invasive and has no pain involved either in comparison to surgical liposuction. Non-surgical liposuction might need more than one session for perfect results. With top experts on board, Dermatologist Mumbai offers quality non-surgical liposuction in Mumbai. Liposuction treatment helps in-

  • Weight reduction
  • Skin tightening
  • Reduction in reduction
  • Inch Loss 

According to where fat on your body is located, there are four distinct types of liposuction treatments available with the clinic-

  • Non Surgical Liposuction using Ultrasonic waves
  • Non Surgical Liposuction using Ultrasonic Vacuum
  • Non Surgical Liposuction using Tri-polar Radio Frequency
  • Non Surgical Liposuction using Radio Frequency

Get in touch with our experts who can customize a suitable plan for you. The treatments will differ in every case.

Non-surgical liposuction in Mumbai has gained popularity as an alternative to surgical liposuction. Those afraid to go under the knife opt for non-invasive procedures such as –

  • Ultrasonic-Lipo (Lipolysis): Minimal frequency ultrasound is directed at the subcutaneous adipose deposits in the body. The inter-cellular triglycerides mechanically breakdown and are then drained out through natural metabolism.
  • Advanced Tripolar radiofrequency technology: Optimum levels of radiofrequency are targeted at the epidermis layer. As a result, the adipose layer releases fatty acids into the bloodstream, improving collagen production for skin tightening.
  • Laser-Lipo: Low doses of light laser are targeted at the desired area for causing disarrangement of fat cellular membranes. The inter-cellular fat is released into the interstitial spaces and is processed by natural metabolic functions.
  • Lipolytic injections: Phosphatidylcholine (PPC) is the active ingredient used in lipolytic injections, which is a lecithin-based product extracted from soya beans. PPC causes the fat cellular walls to dissolve and enables the processing of body fat through natural metabolic functions.
  • Ul-therapy: Ultrasound waves are applied at localized areas to tighten and tone the skin, breaking down fat deposits.
  • Venus Fat Freeze: A pulsed magnetic field and multi-polar radio frequency are directed at the desired area using patented MP2 technology. The application of a magnetic field improves the blood flow, increasing the absorption of oxygen and nutrients resulting in the formation of new collagen and elastin tissue.

The best dermatologists perform non-surgical liposuction in Mumbai offering treatment options that are specific to the patient’s skin type, age, medical history, and extent of fat reduction required. Dr. Rinky Kapoor specializes in non-surgical liposuction treatments, with years of experience in alternate procedures like Ul-therapy and Venus Fat Freeze.

Nonsurgical liposuction options available in Mumbai

Losing weight with diet and exercise may not have done you too well. However, if liposuction in Mumbai seems a bit too drastic, then choosing non surgical liposuction in Mumbai with Dr. Rinky Kapoor at The Esthetic Clinics, can be a great idea. So what are the options you have if you choose nonsurgical liposuction in Mumbai? Have a look below to find out about liposuction in Mumbai.

  1. Laser therapy: This is a non surgical liposuction in Mumbai option that is available. If you choose this option, you will not have to go for something that is invasive. Instead, a special laser instrument will be used that will generate heat that will again break down the fatty deposits of your body. This non surgical liposuction in Mumbai option works great for people who have certain problem areas such as sagging arms and a big belly.
  2. Ultrasound therapy: This is a non-surgical liposuction in Mumbai option that is assisted by ultrasound. Fat cells get removed by the use of ultrasound and you don’t have to put your body through the trauma of out-and-out liposuction in Mumbai. This non surgical liposuction will work for most people because it is painless. This non surgical liposuction method is also non-invasive and will not hurt at all.
  3. Mesotherapy: If you are looking for yet another non surgical liposuction in Mumbai option, then Mesotherapy is one you should read up on. This non surgical liposuction method in Mumbai injects a certain chemical into a problem area which leads to the disruption of the fatty cells in there. After this, the fat cells get absorbed which causes the person to lose body fat. All this without liposuction surgery. This great liposuction alternative is something more and more people are choosing. Mesotherapy is a lesser-known but very effective liposuction alternative that is available.
  4. Cryolipolysis – This is another non-surgical liposuction technique that has also come up in recent years. This non-surgical liposuction involves destroying fat cells by reducing the temperature to less than zero. Generally, -5 degrees Celsius is thought to be the optimum temperature in this non-surgical liposuction technique. In Mumbai and other advanced dermatological centres in India, this procedure is generally called CoolSculpting which is a famous brand for this procedure. But this is done in sessions over a few months.

There are other procedures as well like radio frequencies that fall under non-surgical liposuction for weight loss treatment. They are available in centres in Mumbai and other centres in India. But the above-mentioned are the most popular options for patients in India and also Mumbai. Patients are keen to undergo the aforementioned treatment procedures.

If you do choose nonsurgical liposuction in Mumbai with Dr. Rinky Kapoor at The Esthetic Clinics, you can be assured that there will be no dearth of options that you can choose for the same. More and more people are bypassing normal liposuction in Mumbai for the simple reason that they have to go under the knife for it. Normal liposuction is not a very easy process and is basically cosmetic surgery. All the problems of going through surgery will be there if one undergoes liposuction in Mumbai. That is why more and more people are choosing non surgical liposuction because it gives them other options. If you don’t want liposuction and are instead looking for other alternatives to lose the fat in your body, choosing any of the above will be helpful. Liposuction has some side effects which may not seem rosy to a lot of people and for them losing weight may seem very tough. But not to worry, because alternatives to liposuction in Mumbai are available. If you want to know more about liposuction and its alternatives, the best person to go to would be a professional like Dr. Rinky Kapoor at The Esthetic Clinics. Contact us to book an appointment and avail best prices now!