We live in a world where fair skin and a glowing complexion is a valued traits of beauty. But genetic predisposition and poor lifestyle choices can often cause unwarranted skin darkening and localized pigmentation. Excessive melanin production in the skin can cause general skin darkening or the formation of dark spots and pigmented areas. This skin darkening can be a result of various factors such as over-exposure to the sun, damage due to chemical exposure, hormonal changes, and even side effects of certain diseases.

Skin Lightning Treatment in Mumbai

While most of us prefer to opt for home- remedies and topical treatments for lightening skin complexion, sometimes that is not enough. But for conditions that can’t be treated by localized application of remedies, professional care is required. Luckily for us, cosmetic treatments for a variety of skin conditions are now available in India in a highly safe and effective manner. Skin lightening treatment and skin whitening treatment are two such cosmetic treatments that can improve the complexion of our skin and make us appear fairer.



Skin lightening whitening treatment includes a host of procedures that seek to systemically enhance the complexion of the skin by targeting specific cells in the skin called melanocytes that are involved in the production of melanin. Skin lightening whitening treatment acts on these cells and brings about a reduction in the production of melanin, thereby decreasing the pigmentation of the skin.

Skin lightening treatment in Mumbai is offered by various dermatologists and skin specialists as non-operative and non-invasive procedures. Popular procedures include –

  • Hydroquinone treatment: This treatment utilizes a topical inhibitor of melanin production, thereby reducing the production of melanin, which is a skin-darkening agent.
  • Arbutin treatment: In this treatment, an active ingredient extracted from leaves of berries, Arbutin, which has melanin-inhibiting properties is utilized topically by the dermatologist to cause skin lightening and skin whitening.
  • Glutathione treatment: This treatment prevents oxidative damage of the skin by preventing the synthesis of melanin.
  • Laser treatment: This treatment works on the concept of destroying darkened skin cells through a directed laser and inducing the production of new and lighter skin cells.

Skin specialists and dermatologists offer the best skin whitening treatment in Mumbai. Based on the skin type, skin color, cause of pigmentation, and age of the patient; customized skin lightening treatment can be administered for best results.

Dr. Rinky Kapoor is the best skin specialist in Mumbai, offering customized skin lightening and skin whitening treatments in Mumbai. She is a well-known dermatologist and has treated several celebrities and film stars. She is internationally trained and has a plethora of experience in the field of skin lightening and skin whitening treatment. If you do choose to undergo your skin lightening whitening treatment under her expert supervision, you can rest assured that you will be in very good hands.



Availing skin lightening treatments in Mumbai: Know how to do it

If lighter-colored skin is something you have always wanted, you may not be alone. Even though we do not really endorse it, There are thousands of people in the country who have the same wish: they wish they were fairer. So if you are someone who has given up on fairness creams and is instead looking for skin-lightening treatments in Mumbai that actually work, then you have come to the right place. Today, getting skin whitening treatment in Mumbai at The Esthetic Clinics with top dermatologists like Dr. Rinky Kapoor is not just a possibility; lightening treatment in Mumbai is a reality.



Skin whitening treatments in Mumbai are usually skin whitening bleaching treatments, lightening whiteners and whitening fading creams. What the lightening treatments in Mumbai do is they reduce the quantity of melanin in the skin, thus making a person look fairer. If you have naturally dark skin and want to go for skin-lightening treatments in Mumbai that work, then here are a few things you will be glad you knew beforehand.

The determinant factors of skin colour

If you have always hated your dark skin and wondered what made you have such a colour, then you should know that the most important determinant factor for it is melanin. How much melanin you have in your skin determines how dark it is going to be. Individuals who have darker skin have more melanin. This is determined by one’s genetic makeup but melanin production may also increase due to factors such as one’s exposure to the sun, skin damage and hormonal imbalances. It is a good thing to know for people looking for skin lightening treatments in Mumbai that most of the changes in skin colour one sees will often resolve on their own. So if you are looking for skin whitening treatment in Mumbai because you have got a lot of tanned skin then you will be happy to know that the condition might well reverse on its own.



Skin bleaching

Skin bleaching in Mumbai is a very common skin-lightening treatment in Mumbai and something that a lot of people swear by. If you want to partake in this skin-lightening treatment at home, there are whitening home kits available that contain skin bleaches. However, your dermatologist is the best person to help you with skin whitening treatment in Mumbai for the simple reason that she will first study your condition and then guide you on a course of lightening treatment in Mumbai that is suitable for your skin. It is always best to trust a professional for skin-lightening treatment in Mumbai.

Choosing a good professional for lightening the skin is necessary because whitening treatments can go wrong. A practiced professional like Dr. Rinky Kapoor at The Esthetic Clinics will be able to give you the right lightening treatment because she will have in-depth knowledge about melanin production which can affect whitening treatment. So without any further ado, find a skin whitening and lightening clinic that is reputed and well-known and also provides the best solution at the best price/cost.