Dermatology is a study of skin conditions and dermatologists or skin specialists can treat different types of skin maladies and conditions. As a result, there is a common misconception that a visit to a dermatologist must only be caused by a disease or injury induced skin condition. However, a dermatologist is a type of skin specialist who is a trained physician who can conduct aesthetic, reconstructive and cosmetic procedures along with diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases. Cosmetologists in East Kandivali specialize in conducting both operative and non-invasive procedures for correcting skin conditions.

The operative procedures for treating diseases and trauma induced skin deformities include –

  • Eyelid cancer treatment through surgical removal of cancerous cells
  • Surgical removal of skin tags and warts
  • Liposuction surgery (surgically suctioning out the fat from the sub-cutaneous layers)
  • Skin grafting surgery
  • Facial fat grafting surgery
  • Face lift and brow lift surgery (surgically uplifting the loosened skin to reduce signs of ageing)
  • Lip augmentation and breast augmentation surgery

The non-invasive procedures for treating skin conditions and aesthetically improving skin appearance include –

  • Chemical peels and organic peels (for reducing skin pigmentation and signs of ageing)
  • Botox injections (to reduce wrinkles and fine lines)
  • Facial filler injection (to plump up depressed and loosened skin)
  • Laser liposuction
  • Ultherapy and Venus Fat Freeze (alternative, non-invasive procedures for fat reduction)
  • Laser treatment for acne and scars of acne
  • Laser therapy for scar reduction
  • Psoriasis treatment

You can find several skin specialists in East Kandivali and dermatologists in East Kandivali east offering a wide range of skin care services. But it is important to choose the dermatologist with experience and expertise to handle different procedures to treat skin conditions. Dr. Rinky Kapoor is the best dermatologist in East Kandivali, offering customized skin care and aesthetic solutions for various skin conditions.

A very important thing to understand before you go looking for an expert for your skin is to understand the difference between a dermatologist, skin specialist and cosmetologist. Each is equally important. A dermatologist is an expert in providing medical treatment for skin, hair and nails whereas a cosmetologist beautifies the skin, hair and nails. A skin specialist is an informal term for a dermatologist. A dermatologist will be able to treat skin cancer but a cosmetologist will not.

ermatologist is the physician who is engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders or diseases of the skin and integument

What You Should Look For In Your Cosmetologist In East Kandivali

 If you are looking for a cosmetologist or skin specialist in the suburbs of East Kandivali in Mumbai, then there are a few things that you should keep in your mind. Today, when appearance is something that matters the most, you really cannot afford to look anything other than your best. To make sure that you always put your best face forward, finding a great dermatologist in East Kandivali East, like Dr. Rinky Kapoor at The Esthetic Clinics, is essential. So here are a few things you should definitely look for in your skin specialist in Kandivali. 

Educational qualifications

Understanding that the skin cosmetologist in East Kandivali you choose should be educationally qualified to practise is important. The skin dermatologist or skin specialist that you choose should have the right certifications and qualifications. The cosmetologist you choose should be qualified and the selected cosmetologist should have the right degree. The skin cosmetologist should be a certified dermatologist. It is up to you to use your discretion to make sure that the cosmetologist you choose has all of the above. The best way to find out if the skin specialist has the right qualifications is to ask for them upfront at the office.

Staying on top of trends

Staying on top of the latest trends is something every cosmetologist in East Kandivali worth her salt should do. Today, it is easier than ever to find a cosmetologist in East Kandivali because of the internet. Whether it is hair or makeup or beauty treatments that promise to bring out the best face of people, the cosmetologist in East Kandivali you choose should be able to adapt to the latest global trends and be aware of personalized skin treatment trends.

Great Sense of Perception And Style

This is another thing that you should certainly look for in the dermatologist in East Kandivali you choose. The cosmetologist in East Kandivali should have a perception and style that is similar to yours. This is because each specialist has a unique aesthetic sense and unless and until they merge, it can be problematic to see the same things. So you should certainly find a cosmetologist who you agree with when it comes to perception and style. 


Experience is another thing that the skin specialist you choose should have. Today there are lots of cosmetologists around but it is important that you find a dermatologist who has lot of experience. This is because the study of skin is very different from the other branches of medicine and therefore it is in your best interests that you choose someone who has lots of experience as a dermatologist in East Kandivali East.

Good communication skills

Deciding to visit a skin specialist in East Kandivali is a big decision. Whether you are suffering from acne or psoriasis, it can be damaging to your self-confidence and self-esteem. Deciding to see a cosmetologist specialist is a great idea but you should be able to open up in front of her. For this purpose, it is necessary that the cosmetologist you choose have the requisite communication skills. Unless that is the case, it will be difficult for you to let the cosmetologist specialist know what your needs are and exactly what you are after. The dermatologist should have the skill to help you open up to her. 

The skin is such an important part of our bodies, as any skin specialist will tell you. They protect the internal organs of the body from outside damage and every cosmetologist knows that. However, the cosmetologist will also tell you that the skin serves other purposes as well. If you are worried that your skin does not look good, then deciding on a cosmetologist in East Kandivali will be one of the best things you did in your life. A good dermatologist in East Kandivali East like Dr. Rinky Kapoor at The Esthetic Clinics, will be able to determine exactly what your skin problem is and start a course of treatment as soon as possible.