Face Scars Treatment in Mumbai

The skin on the face is very delicate and sensitive. Injuries, traumas and diseases can leave disfiguring scars on the facial skin which can drastically affect the psychological well-being of a person too. Nobody wants to live with facial scars but the awareness about scar removal technologies and treatments is very less among the general public. Despite the availability of some of the best face scar treatments in Mumbai, people don’t know where to go and which dermatologist to choose for the same.

Acne Scar Treatment in Mumbai

A facial scar is something that most of us have to deal with at some point or the other in life. Due to injuries, acne or even some other complication, a facial scar is not a welcome thing. With the latest technology and resources available for face scar treatment, removal of a facial scar has become very much possible in the present times though. To begin, with we need to understand that there are two basic facial scar types. One is a flat scar while the other is raised. Depending on the source or reason for the same, the face scar treatment in Mumbai varies.

Experts at Dermatologist Mumbai, one of the best places for face scar treatment in Mumbai believe that there are three major types of facial scar treatments available –

  • Silicone-based treatment
  • Scar flattening
  • Laser treatments

The first treatment for a facial scar called for the application of a skin serum or silicone gel that is laced with antioxidants and essentials for skin scar healing. Your doctor will best know the way to take these treatments. However, there is a high chance of success in permanent scar removal with this course of treatment.

Scar flattening involves the application of a silicone sheet for a certain period of time over an extended period, of say, three months. This means that any raised scar can be flattened automatically without any interventional processes.

Laser treatments for face scare treatment are advised within the scars are indented. This could also involve grading, filling, or both, in addition to the laser.

Face Scars Treatment Before and After Photos-

Types of Face scars

Facial scars can be categorized into four major categories –

  1. Keloid (caused by aggressive healing process),
  2. Contracture (caused by burning),
  3. Hypertrophic (raised, red scars limited to the site of injury) and
  4. Acne scars (deep pits, or angular scars caused by acne)

Face scars treatment in Mumbai include the following options –

  • Scar tissue removal surgery, with skin flaps from adjacent healthy skin covering up the area
  • Scar tissue removal surgery followed by skin grafting
  • Z-plasty (moving the scar tissue into a natural crease or a less visible area, without actually removing the scar)
  • Micro-dermabrasion and Dermabrasion to abrade away the scar tissue without performing a surgical procedure
  • Laser resurfacing of scars to reveal scar-free skin underneath
  • Steroid injections for size reduction of keloid and hypertrophic scars
  • Silicon gels and pads application on scarred area

A wide variety of surgical and non-invasive face scar treatments are available in the market. Depending on the severity of the scar, consequential effects on muscle functioning, and other health factors of the patients, a dermatologist can recommend the appropriate treatment. The skin type, skin colour, age, and healing rate of the patient also affect the choice of treatment. Dr. Rinky Kapoor specializes in face scars treatment and offers extensively designed treatment options compatible with your skin type and scar conditions.

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