Dermatologists in Mumbai offer a wide range of skin care services, which are not only corrective in nature but are also reconstructive and cosmetic. Our skin is made up of cutaneous and sub-cutaneous cells which are prone to all manners of diseases and disfiguration owing to polluting environment, stress, poor sleep hygiene, hormonal changes and genetic predisposition. In addition, as we age, our skin starts manifesting various signs of ageing which can only be reduced and corrected using special cosmetic treatments.

Dermatologists in Mumbai are trained physicians who specialise in operating the following procedures –

  • Diagnosis of skin conditions owing to external and internal factors
  • Surgical treatment of skin diseases and skin cancer
  • Skin deformities induced by injury or genetic preconditions
  • Surgical and non-invasive procedures for treating signs of ageing
  • Surgical and non-invasive procedures for fat reduction

Commonly treated conditions by a dermatologist include skin tags, warts, Psoriasis (silvery white and reddish lesions on the body due to excessive production of skin cells), eyelid cancer, acne, burn scars, chemical reactions, etc. In addition to these conditions, a dermatologist is also the right specialist to offer aesthetic and cosmetic treatment for reducing age signs, removing scars, fat removal and reduction as well as facial hair removal.

The surgical procedures performed by dermatologists can be operated under local anaesthetics. But for extreme conditions or where patients prefer to be unconscious during the procedure, general anaesthesia can also be administered. The non-invasive procedures, however, don’t require any kind of sedation. Dermatologists in Kandivali east, Dermatologists in Andheri east and Dermatologists in Bandra offer a wide range of aesthetic, cosmetic and corrective services for skin conditions. For best dermatologist and cosmetologist services in Mumabi, visit Dr. Rinky Kapoor at the Esthetic clinic.

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