Liposuction is a proven method of sucking fat tissue from under the skin using suction tubes. Under expert care, the procedure can be successfully applied to different areas of the body such as the belly, hips, thighs, arms, breasts, and even face. However, the method is invasive and can only be conducted under anesthesia by expert medical practitioners. The risks involved in the procedure are also a big dissuading factor for many who want to do something about their obesity but are afraid to go under the knife.

Lipolysis treatment cost in Mumbai

With changing lifestyles and disturbing food habits becoming the norm, obesity has become a commonplace problem. That is why Lipolysis treatment in Mumbai has become a popular obesity management solution for those who want to avoid liposuction but want to do something about their fat and flab.

Lipolysis is essentially a body sculpting and contouring procedure which has a gradual impact on fat deposits in the body. Chemical injections are administered on the sub-cutaneous fat build-up. Phosphatidylcholine or PPC is the active agent used in lipolysis injections to cause adipose tissue breakdown. As a result of Lipolysis treatment, the lipids in the fat tissue break down and triglycerides undergo hydrolysis to form glycerol and free fatty acids. These are then flushed out of the body through natural metabolic processes.

Lipolysis treatment can permanently reduce the fat percentage in the body in the most non-invasive manner. It also has a lasting impact on the cholesterol profile of the body. However, Lipolysis treatment must only be availed by the most trusted and qualified dermatologists. Lipolysis treatment in Mumbai is available at with world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Rinky Kapoor offering expert Lipolysis treatment packages. She has researched for years on the impact of PPC and other chemicals on body fat and has perfected Lipolysis treatment to deliver fast and permanent results.

Lipolysis in Mumbai: Getting rid of unwanted fat from your body without diet or exercise

If getting rid of the extra pounds in your body without diet or exercise is a dream, prepare to see it becoming real with Lipolysis in Mumbai. Lipolysis in Mumbai is something that could give you the figure you have always wished for but couldn’t achieve. Now without any kind of controlling what you eat or going to the gym, you can look slim and trim with Lipolysis in Mumbai. Lipolysis in Mumbai includes dream weight loss treatments.

Lipolysis in Mumbai will get rid of unwanted fatty deposits. Lipolysis in Mumbai is your gateway to the perfect ‘you’. Getting Lipolysis in Mumbai will help you get your confidence back! So don’t wait anymore. Instead, get on the phone and ask about Lipolysis in Mumbai and avail best prices. Lipolysis in Mumbai will demonstrate how you can look your best, without the extra pounds.