Skin pigmentation is a common problem in India and many places around the world. While mostly it tends to affect teenagers, people of all ages and genders struggle with it too. Luckily, The Esthetic Clinics offers multiple skin pigmentation treatments to address this issue.

There are many things that can cause skin pigmentations such as medical issues, hormonal imbalances, prolonged sun exposure, and more. Some of these causes are unavoidable and need medical treatment. However, others are easily manageable and can be prevented by following certain measures.

Skin Pigmentation Pigmentation Treatment in Mumbai

As mentioned above, there are some things that we can do to avoid or practice to prevent skin pigmentation. Check out the following tips and practices, you can easily use to reduce the chances of getting pigmentation.

Sun Protection

A higher percentage of people who experience skin pigmentation is caused by prolonged sun exposure and failure to protect the skin from the sun. The UV rays stimulate collagen production causing dark spots or patches on the skin, affecting the skin tone, and texture.

To protect your skin from the sun, make sure to always apply a high SPF sunscreen, expert dermatologists like Dr. Rinky Kapoor recommend at least 30 and above. This applies whether you are indoors or outside, or whether it is sunny or cloudy. Always have sunscreen on and keep reapplying every two hours for maximum effect.

Building a habit of wearing protective clothing can also help greatly. Accessorize your outfits with cute sunglasses when leaving the house, and throw on a hat, preferably a wide-brimmed hat to protect your eyes and face.

You can also wear long-sleeved tops and long pants to cover your skin and protect it from the sun. Wearing protective clothes might be hard in the beginning, especially if the weather is hot, but you can always get used to it or find alternative clothing that will still offer protection.

Proper Skincare Routines and Products

The appearance of your skin shows how much you take care of it. The products you use and your skincare habits all contribute to the tone and texture of your skin. If your skin care products lack the essential ingredients to keep your skin even toned and vibrant then they may not be of use anyway.

One important ingredient to incorporate in your routine is vitamin C. This is a nutrient-rich antioxidant with skin brightening and antiaging capabilities. It also helps neutralize free radicals caused by excessive UV rays exposure, limiting sun damage.

Keep in mind that the brands you use matter too. If you are just getting started with your skincare routines and looking for suitable products for your skin, do your research properly and get professional guidance from a cosmetic expert or dermatologist.

Avoid Touching Your Skin

Our hands carry a lot of germs and bacteria because they are the most exposed to the environment and we probably touch a million things that are not necessarily clean. Touching the face can transfer these bacteria to your skin, causing itchiness or rashes.

Scratching or picking on these rashes, a pimple, or even a mosquito bite can cause inflammation, which ultimately leads to darker pigmentations.

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