Post-Covid Skin And Hair Issues You May Face And What To Do About Them

Post-Covid Skin And Hair Issues You May Face And What To Do About Them

Post Covid, many people are struggling with extreme hair loss and persistent skin problems. Know all about it from a leading dermatologist.

As if its many complications and complexities weren’t enough, Coronavirus comes with its own set of post-recovery manifestations. We have seen people battling with fatigue, aches, brain fog and what not.  Apart from these, there is an entire range of skin and hair issues people are struggling with months after their recovery.

Some of these problems can go on even for 6-9 months and can be quite severe.  There have been cases of extreme hairfall in bunches that could be one’s worst nightmare, and persistent skin rashes that just don’t go away. Experts feel some of these problems may occur due to the stress the body goes through as the disease progresses and while trying to recover from it.

Dr Rinky Kapoor, Dermatologist The Esthetic Clinic, talks about the skin and hair issues people are facing post beating Covid-19 and what can be done about it.

1.     Severe Hair Loss

Post-Covid patients are reporting extreme hair loss after 2-3 months of their recovery and it can be quite distressing for some who are losing hair in bunches while washing or combing them or taking a shower.

Here’s The Reason It Happens

  • This kind of hair loss is called Telogen Effuvium and it may start from one and a half month from their recovery. 
  • It is not something new. It happens after the body goes through severe period of stress. For example, you may have a post-delivery, post jaundice or post malaria telogen effluvium. 
  • The condition is caused because a severe illness can cause a lot of stress in the body and a lot of changes happen due to the infection.
  • In case of Covid, the virus also causes severe stress to the body because of the long period that it takes to recover from the infection and all the medications. 
  • Post Covid hair loss typically happens 2-3 months post recovery. The difference between this and other kinds of telogen effluvium is that this sort of hair loss is quite extreme and the patients may feel they are going to go bald in a matter of months

Post Covid Hair Loss

 2. Itchy-Scratchy patches on skin

Now this is something that Covid patients experience even in the early stage of the disease and they can very well go on long after the person has recovered.

Here’s What People Are Experiencing:

  • Itchy and scratchy patches are appearing anywhere on the body and at any time of the day. Sometimes, they can be so persistent and severe that they would not go away whatever you may do.
  • It begins at the early stages of the disease with allergic reddish rashes on the skin.
  • Sometimes it may extend to the post-Covid phase also.
  • They could be the kind of rashes that just come and go on their own

3. Dry Or Flaky Skin

People who have a history of thyroid or diabetes and were already suffering from some skin issues, are suffering from extreme skin dryness.

Drying of skin may happen because of the inflammation the body is going through. The medicine and steroids that are given during the infection may also be behind this extreme dryness of skin.

Post Covid Skin Issues

4. Fluid-Filled Boils

 Some people are also reporting bullae or fluid-filled boils, however the cases are less. During Covid infection it is common to have rashes and boils but in some cases, it may continue after recovery too.

 5. Chilblain-like lesions

Also popular as Covid-feet these days, it is generally seen on hands and feet. People who are facing this condition will have blue or reddish-blue fingers. It is similar to a frost bite and is reported in mainly foreign countries. It is a very uncommon symptom in Indian population. There is hardly any case reported of Chillblain-like lesions here.

What Can Be Done About The Skin And Hair Issues

 The above skin and hair related problems are manifestations of Covid-19 and there is very little that may prevent them from happening. However you can take care of these condition by taking consultation and nourishing your skin with adequate nutrition and moisturization etc.

  • Book a virtual consultation if the problems persist over a period of time
  • Use a mild body wash or soap
  • Moisturize your body
  • Hair loss in Covid recovery phase can be taken care of by healthy eating and boosting immunity


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