We have all been at home in the past couple of months and with all the time at hand, most have been taking the CTM (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising) routine seriously. However, there is a little more that could be done to keep your skin glowing. We spoke to Dr Rinky Kapoor, cosmetic dermatologist and dermato-surgeon to get the deets.

“There is no one size fits all routine for skincare. Your skin type, lifestyle, diet, sleep pattern, age, skin requirements are just some of the factors that go a long way in determining which products you will be using. However, there is a general order of the regime that everybody should follow,” she shares.

  • Wipe out the makeup: The first step is to remove any traces of the leftover mascara, lipstick, foundation, sunscreen that you applied and reapplied during the day. Use a makeup remover, some cotton balls, wipes, or micellar water to gently wipe out the makeup. Remember to use separate wipes for eyes, lips, and face. If you have used heavy makeup during the day then use an oil cleanser to gently wipe it away.
  • Splash your face with lukewarm water: Hot water dehydrates the face and cold water does not close the pores, the best thing to use is lukewarm water to relax the face.
  • Clean with cleanser: Use a gentle antioxidant-rich cleanser in order to remove the leftover grime and dirt from the skin. Gentle cleansers will help retain the natural oils but remove the damaging free radicals. Don’t scrub, instead, pat dry your face with a towel.
  • Tone the right way: The job of a toner is to restore the delicate pH balance of the skin and it preps the pores to receive the reviving ingredients such as antioxidants, toning acids, vitamin derivatives etc. . Take a quarter size toner on your palm and gently press it on your face, do not swab or rub it in.
  • Care and cure: This is the most important step, which can be customised according to your skin concern. Serums, spot treatments, special creams are all part of this step. The recommendation is to focus on hydrating and regeneration products to boost the health levels of the skin. Serums deliver product deeper into the skin.
  • Eye creams: Eye creams are necessary to keep the skin elastic, prevent the fine lines from forming, and getting rid of the dark circles. Targeted treatment using eye creams containing peptides will help boost collagen and blood flow around the eyes.
  • Moisturize: When we are sleeping the moisture is pulled away from our skin. Invest in some good skin-repairing moisturizers. Moisturizers will stay on your skin the whole night. Even people with oily skin need to use moisturizers as they help combat overproduction of sebum, preventing clogging of pores leading to breakouts. Look for an unscented formula of a non-comedogenic product with hyaluronic acids and vitamins. Do not rub the moisturizer on the skin, instead, spread and massage with gentle circular motions.

Apart from these basic steps, you can also include

  • Massage: Massage your skin with specially formulated oils to reduce the puffiness, and improve the blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage.
  • Mask: Use a mask twice or thrice a week after cleansing your face. Choose one according to your skin concern.
  • Exfoliation: Gentle exfoliation twice or thrice a week after cleansing will help improve the overall texture and tone of the skin. You can also consult your dermatologist for recommendations in chemical exfoliation. Chemical exfoliation helps in slowing down the ageing process.

Article Source – https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/beauty/just-ctm-isnt-enough-take-care-of-your-skin-the-right-way/articleshow/76354989.cms