EXCLUSIVE: Dr Rinky Kapoor REVEALS her dermat-approved routine for flawless skin this festive season
As the festive season is just upon us, my skincare routine has altered from the basic cleansing toning and moisturising to the inclusion of some procedures that will not only help the skin shine but also protect it from damage done.

Festivals are a time to be with family, sit back, and relax the moments. With the festive season just around the corner, the preparations have already begun with spring-cleaning and planning for the gifts, dishes etc. This year the celebrations are going to be more intimate and private because of the ongoing pandemic situation but that does not mean we can let the festive season pass without celebrating in the right manner and looking our best.

As the festive season is just upon us, my skincare routine has altered from the basic cleansing toning and moisturising to the inclusion of some procedures that will not only help the skin shine but also protect it from damage done by rich food, firecracker pollutants, disrupted schedules and lack of time. Our skin is an indicator of our health and it is important to listen to our skin always.

Mind and body detox: This year for the festive season my preparations have begun with a simple mind and body detox. Stress is one of the strongest enemies of the skin and the biggest culprit in robbing the healthy glow. I regularly practise simple yoga and breathing techniques to calm the mind. Body detox begins with cutting down on the salt intake and regularly exercising and hydrating the body to flush out the toxins.

Skincare treatments: Skin polishing and skin brightening treatments help in removing the dead skin layers, sunspots, dull skin, and early signs of ageing. I opt for treatments such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion a month before important festivals. Trichloroacetic acid gel peel (TCA) and retinol peels help get rid of any blemishes and tan on the skin. Aromatic and antioxidant spas help relax my body.

Serums: Skin suitable serums when added to the mundane CTM routine, give the skin the boost and energy to fight the free radicals and pollutants. I use the vitamin C serum during the daytime to aid to the sun protection as it helps reduce hyperpigmentation and inflammation and my nighttime skincare routine contains retinol serums to purify the skin and give it a glow and hyaluronic serums to keep the skin glowing and elastic.

Scrubbing it away: Scrubbing takes care of the dull skin, grime, and dead skin cells accumulating on the skin. I scrub at least twice a week using professional and homemade scrubs after cleansing my skin in the morning. Scrubbing increases the blood circulation under the skin too.

Aloe my friend: Aloe Vera gel helps in taking care of small skin needs. I keep natural aloe vera gel handy with me at all times. It has good hydrating and antiseptic properties, keeps the skin moisturizers, and keeps acne away.

Diet Ahoy! As the season changes so does my diet. The summery food is replaced by food rich in vitamin C such as oranges, kiwi, red pepper, kale and broccoli that boost collagen formation and aid in skin repair, green tea and banana help in boost hair growth, water chestnut helps in boosting the immune system, Yogurt detoxifies the skin, and the fasting superfoods such as sago and dry fruits help keep the skin cool, prevent ageing signs and give a radiant glow to the skin.

Eye care: I pay special attention to the skin around the eyes, as puffy and dark eyes are an indication of tired skin. I use eye creams containing healing ingredients like cucumber, caffeine etc. during the day and night. Exfoliate regularly in the area around the eyes to firm up the skin. When removing makeup from around the eyes I slight damp the cotton wipe so that it does not drag and stretch the skin. Getting a good night sleep is high on my list during the festive season.

Hand and foot care: One night every week I soak my hands and feet in warm water with a little salt for 15 minutes. After drying, apply a good hand and feet care cream to help the skin and lock in the moisture.

Makeup off always: Any makeup products used on the skin during the day are always taken off before going to bed at night. I chose makeup products that are non-comedogenic and free for sulphates. Switching from a regular foundation to a base of primer layered with tinted moisturizers lets the skin breathe easy and prevents a runny makeup.

I use a combination of professional and homemade skincare products to take care of my skin. Some of my favourite skincare recipes are

Grind some almonds with curd and a pinch of turmeric and use it as a scrub to remove the dull and lifeless skin away.
A milk and honey mask will do wonders to tame the frizzy hair and give it a smooth cleaning look.
For an instant perk to the skin, I use cumber water in a spray bottle.
Mash half a ripe tomato, with a small potato along with some fresh cream. Apply on face and leave for not more than 15 minutes. Wash with warm water. This mask will moisturise the face and give a natural glow.

Natural fruit masks such as papaya, apple, and mango masks fight the pollutants and promote natural glow to the face.
Mix a pinch of turmeric with salt, honey, and coconut oil and apply it as a facemask. Light scrub before washing to help exfoliate the skin, and reduce pigmentation.

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