You can’t stop ageing but ageing gracefully is what can make all the difference.

Ageing is a natural process which cannot be stopped, but you surely can slow it down. But, are you old enough and wish to look as young as before? Today, how old you look is almost a figment of how old you want to look. Dr Debraj Shome, Cosmetic Surgeon & Director, The Esthetic Clinics how you can look graceful as you grow old.

Ageing is a natural process, which cannot be stopped. And with time, you will surely get visible lines on the face, the skin may become thinner and drier, your face will lose its youthfulness. You may also spot those skin tags and excess skin around the neck which can give you nightmares. To get rid of those droopy eyelids, wrinkles and excess fat around the face, we have some foolproof tricks for you. Make sure you follow it to age like fine wine.

Cut down stress

Did you know? Stress releases a burst of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol which tend to make your heart beat faster and cause hypertension. Hence, your organs end up working harder than they should make you feel fatigued and older. Today, due to hectic lifestyles and erratic schedules, people are bound to get stressed. But, it is the need of the hour to get rid of stress, live a healthy and happy life. To do so, you can opt for meditation or yoga for at least half-an-hour which can bring down your stress levels, and up your energy. Moreover, it can also help prevent your brain from ageing, and help you look younger and slender like before.

Stay physically active

Want to look your best in the 60s? You must start exercising right away! It can lower your risk of age-related diseases and make you look young forever. Exercising can help you sweat those unwanted fats and acids from your body. Also, the sweat clears the skin impurities and dirt and can improve the elasticity of your skin. You can do any exercise of your choice like walking, jogging, swimming, cycling or aerobics.

Eat these anti-ageing foods

Fresh fruits, vegetables are jam-packed with antioxidants and can help slow down the ageing process of the skin. Not only this, it can help you get that wrinkle-free skin.

Along with these, some of these cosmetic treatments can also do the trick…

Crow’s feet

Crow’s feet can be described as fine lines and wrinkles which radiate from the eyes. The causes can be sun exposure, smoking that can damage the collagen of the skin, and drop in the estrogen levels during menopause. Botox, fillers and skin lasers can help relax these lines by working on the right muscles.

Radio Frequency Technology for skin tightening, face slimming

Want to get rid of that sagging skin? The US FDA approved device called the Ulthera at The Esthetic Clinics, can help you do so. You will be able to look young and fresh with this new age mantra that helps tighten your sagging skin along with subcutaneous tissues around the neck and sides of the face thereby giving you a sharper jawline. With the help of this minimally invasive treatment, it is now possible to tighten, firm, and contour the areas like abdomen, arms, buttocks, and thighs, as well.

Dermal fillers for your forehead

The ageing process may create volume loss in the face and can spoil your facial appearance and causes unhealthy look. Furthermore, the empty space on the side of the eyes can be called temporal hollows which commonly develop as one gets older. This makes the supporting tissues around the eyes look pointed and harsh. Thus, one can reverse the signs of ageing by correcting the temporal hollows with the help of facial dermal fillers which add volume to the sunken skin and enhances the shape of your face.

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