The festive season begins in many states in India with the arrival of Navratri. Here are three skin treatments that you can get for a glowing and healthy skin, this festive season.


  • Healthy skin is essential to make you look good, especially this festive season
  • Our expert tells us three skin treatments that you can get for a glowing and bright skin










New Delhi: Ours is a land of festivals and they are important not just for religious reasons, but it is also a time to meet and greet, interact with our dear ones and build new relations, more so in today’s world where there is no time for catching up otherwise.

An essential part of these festivities is to look ‘the best’, and who does not want to be the cynosure of all eyes in a public gathering! People love to dress up in new clothes and jewellery to look their best, so why not revamp and brighten up the skin?
Not just women, but even the metrosexual men now want to look charming and impressive.

What are the treatments available for instant skin glow?
With so many festivals around the corner, let’s take a quick peek into what medico cosmetic ‘lunchtime treatments’ are available for a quick and refreshing glow.

Microdermabrasion also called skin polishing or party facial, is a simple inexpensive treatment, to remove the dead upper layers of the skin and reveal the underlying younger clearer skin. It takes 30 minutes for the face session, can be done on the hands, legs, back as well. Very commonly done for brides just before their wedding, it gives a glow in 1 to 2 days lasting for a week. For longer-lasting results, one can do weekly treatments for three to four weeks before a function.

Instant glow chemical peels
These involve painting the skin with a natural exfoliant which rejuvenates the skin and stimulates collagen making it brighter. Glycolic, pumpkin peels, lactic peels are safe and can give a glow in two to three days. Other stronger peels like yellow peel, salicylic, TCA etc. cause visible peeling off old skin for a few days. So these are best done if you have two months or more prior to the celebrations.

Photofacials/medi-facials with Intense pulse light are better versions of the ‘humble’ facial, and good for a temporary glow. It is much safer than regular facials in people with sensitive skin or those getting irritation with regular parlour facial creams.

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