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The back story

As the festive season starts, you know you want to wear that backless blouse but before that you need to sign up for a backial aka back facial

Dr Rinky Kapoor

If there’s one thing that most of us literally turn our backs on is the humble back. While a regular spa massage is great for your health. It’s tending to beauty of your back that’s becoming a thing in the field of aesthetics. Come festive season, the back gets more boost thanks to the trend of backless blouse that refuses to go out of fashion.

Be it a backless choli, a halter dress or a deep cut back, it’s time to look back, as you will need a clean, smooth and growing back to rock. Go in for a backial or backacial which is basically what back facials are called.

Face and neck are not the only places that benefit from facial techniques, backs need them too. Aestheticians use techniques similar to a facial to cover the whole back – from shoulders to the lower back. The biggest enemy is sweet, which blocks the pores on the back. This leads to various problems such as acne, rashes, redness, whiteheads and a bumpy look. Also, uneven tanning can spoil the look. Plus it is not easy to reach all places on the back and you need expert help.

Different courses of treatment follow for different issues. for clogged pores, the therapist will cleanse, mask and tone to control the oiliness. For flaky, dry or rough skin, you will need more exfoliation and moisturising. You can even tackle uneven tan and hyper pigmentation through treatments.

a back facial will not only cleanse the skin but also relax and hydrate it. It includes cleansing to remove impurities, followed by exfoliation to remove the dead skin and improve the circulation and texture. Finally, there is steaming to unclog the pores. Also if you have blackheads, there will be extraction. The treatment ends with a mask that is customised according to skin type.

Back facials use various masks such as strawberries for skin brightening, brown sugar for exfoliation. Glycolic peels and dermabrasion can also be used to rejuvenate the skin. Regular back facials are a great way to help your skin because the products penetrate deeper for healthy and radiant look. It’s time to look back.