Let’s be real—you cannot venture out anytime soon—and, this leaves you having to rely on homemade recipes and DIY concoctions to take charge of your beauty needs.

Plus, these at-home beauty hacks serve as chemical-free and cruelty-free alternatives, and well, are effing genius. I mean, why invest in an expensive (and super tiny) bottle of body scrub, when you can prepare a nutrient-rich exfoliator right at home? DIY body scrubs (or any other DIY preparation, tbh) are super-easy to whip up, require minimal, staple ingredients, and deliver promising results. These homemade body scrubs work well in getting rid of dead skin—on your legs, arms, and back—giving way to soft-to-touch, smooth skin.  

Give this coconut oil and strawberry body scrub a shot—a homemade recipe cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Rinky Kapoor, swears by.


1) 1 Cup Sugar

2) ¼ Cup Coconut Oil

3) ¼ Cup Ground Oats

4) ¼ Cup Pureed Strawberries

Mix the above mentioned ingredients and apply the paste evenly over the desired areas of your body. According to Dr Kapoor, the scrub may be used in delicate areas such as the armpits (also acts as a natural deodorant) and upper thighs as well. “The Vitamin C content in the strawberries stimulate the growth and repair of body tissues, along with fighting free radicals. Coconut oil, on the other hand, provides moisturisation and hydration to your skin,” she informs. 

Dr Rinky urges you to keep the following aspects in mind when trying out a DIY body scrub:

1) Always do a patch test to ensure that the concoction doesn’t cause an allergic inflammation on your body. 

2) Make sure to apply a generous amount of moisturiser on  your skin, post application of a body scrub. 

3) Store any DIY scrub in a clean, dry jar, away from direct sunlight.

4) If you possess a dry skin type, avoid exfoliating more than once a month.

5) Dry brushing before scrubbing will increase the benefits of using a body scrub. 



Article Source – https://www.cosmopolitan.in/beauty/features/a24045/homemade-coconut-oil-and-strawberry-scrub-glowing-skin