Beauty hacks are a common search string as people are looking to get a clear, glowing complexion without too much hassle. Dr Rinky Kapoor, cosmetic dermatologist breaks down some of the popular beauty myths for you.

Go natural always!

Most people are under the impression that natural ingredients are always the best. That may not necessarily be the case, and one has to consult a dermatologist for the right advice. All natural ingredients will not work on every skin type, and you have to figure which one suits your skin.

The higher the SPF, the better

Applying sunscreen with high SPF is good advice, but what most people forget is that one has to reapply the sunscreen every two or three hours even when you are indoors and/or the sun is not out. Buy a sunscreen with UVA protection along with UAB.

It’s okay to pop that zit

For most of us, the temptation to pop that zit is hard to resist. However, by doing so you risk the chance of scars, more inflammation and longer healing time.

Drinking lots of water and eating right is all you need for good skin

A good skin care routine is a combination of a healthy diet, exercise and good skin care creams. Drinking enough water does not mean that you need not moisturise. Also, the kind of moisturisers that you need will depend on your skin type. Moisturiser prevents your skin pores from clogging and protects the skin from external elements.

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