Summer Skin Care Tips

Ultraviolet rays make up only a small portion of the Sun’s rays, but they can be harmful for your skin, especially in summer. Sustained exposure to different types of UV rays (UVA and UVB) can cause problems ranging from wrinkles to sunburn, and in rare and extreme cases, skin cancer too. Hence, it is important to take special care of your skin in this weather.

We asked some top dermatologists for some tips to keep your skin healthy and happy; here are their recommendations.

1. Never forget your sunscreen

Dr Rinky Kapoor, cosmetic dermatologist from Mumbai, says “Sunscreen is a must in summers as it protects us from both, the UV (ultraviolet) and IR (infrared) rays of the Sun. It prevents tanning, sun burns, and thermal skin aging which can lead to irreparable damage.”

She adds that the sunscreen you pick should fit your skin type and have a minimum SPF of 30, “While people with dry skin should go for a moisturising sunscreen that doesn’t make their skin go flaky, oily skin needs a gel-based sunscreen that can be easily absorbed and keep the skin matte (void of excess oil) all day long,” says Dr Kapoor.

Dr Kapoor also recommends that one apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before stepping out in the sun and reapply every 2-3 hours for maximum effect. “Take a generous amount of sunscreen on your hands and apply it on your face, hands, legs, ears, neck, and other exposed parts,” she says.

And finally, your lips and hair need sunscreen too. Use a lip balm with at least 15 SPF and invest in hair products that have UV protection abilities.

2. Don’t skip moisturiser

Just because it is incredibly hot outside and your skin gets sticky because of humidity, doesn’t mean you should skip moisturiser. Instead, you can change your moisturiser according to the weather.

Dr Niteen Vishwanath Dhepe, dermatologist and director at Skin City Pune says, “Moisturisers should always be a part of your skin care routine. Your skin goes through water loss in summers due to sweating and moisturisers can help provide much-needed hydration.”

So what does he recommend? “It’s best to use a water-based moisturiser in summers which seals in the moisture levels, gets absorbed quickly, and keeps your skin non-greasy throughout the day,” says Dr Dhepe.

3. Exfoliate regularly

“Clogged pores, blackheads, white heads are common in summers which can take away your skin’s glow,” says Dr Rinky Kapoor. “You should exfoliated twice weekly and if you are outdoors too much, then exfoliate more regularly to scrub off the old skin and unclog pores. But make sure to use a gentle exfoliator which doesn’t irritate your skin,” she adds.

4. Soothe overexposed skin

Much as we’d like to limit our exposure to the Sun in the day time, sometimes it just can’t be helped. We asked the experts how one can deal with overexposed skin at the end of the day.

“When you come back home after a long day outside, calm your overexposed skin with a calamine lotion or hydrating gel-based moisturiser after splashing your face with some cold water,” says Dr Dhepe.

He adds, “If you often have to travel outside, keep a cooling mist with you at all times and spray some on your face every few hours to keep your skin cool and hydrated.”

With these simple skin care tips, you will be able to maintain your skin’s glow all through summer.

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