Is Collagen Powder Worth The Hype In Skincare? We Asked Experts

Collagen products are making quite a buzz in the ingestible beauty segment all over the world. Collagen products have been on the rise, with many influencers advertising them on social media and both international and national players coming into the market. They are supposed to be anti-ageing products with a host of other beauty benefits. So, we decided to speak to some top dermatologists about what they feel about collagen powder and if it’s even worth the hype. 

Collagen forms 70% dry weight of skin

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Dr. Rinky Kapoor, The Esthetic Clinics talks explains: “Collagen is the foundation of your skin’s health. The firmness and glow of the skin and the ease with which you can move your joints is all because of collagen. However, as all things that happens with ageing our body slows down collagen production over time. We lose about 1% of collagen every year starting from our 20s.”

Dr. Jamuna Pai, SkinLab explained how collagen powder works: “Collagen powder is basically long chains of amino acids which are the building blocks of protein. They act to supplement the existing collagen, thereby reversing and delaying signs of ageing. Collagen powder helps to tighten skin and bring a radiance and glow to it.”

Consult a dermatologist before taking any supplement regularly

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Even though there are many brands that are selling collagen supplements it’s important to check with your dermatologist before you start taking them daily. It’s always great to be cautious and do extensive research before taking any supplement. There aren’t a lot of studies that show the relationship between collagen supplements and its results so it’s best to consult an expert for any recommendations.

How does collagen as a supplement benefit us?

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Dr Kiran Sethi, Isya Aesthetics says that collagen powder can indeed be beneficial.

“Its highly effective supplement that has been proven to increase suppleness and elasticity of the skin, improves hair quality, prevents aging, and can even help in skin hydration. Some feel that it even benefits in preventing and improving cellulite mildly. It’s also been used to improve pressure ulcers, wound healing and joint health. It’s a type of protein and animal sources have the right type of collagen required – so marine or animal source is ideal.”

Which collagen supplement to try?

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Dr Kapoor has a guide on which supplement to choose: “Not all collagen supplements work as effectively as you expect. Smaller peptides are easily absorbed by the body into the bloodstream where they ideally should be. Dermatologists recommend hydrolysed collagen i.e. collagen peptide because they are broken down forms of collagen that are easily digestible by the body. Hydrolysed collagen can be dissolved in water easily, which makes it the simplest way to add collagen to your everyday diet. No vegetarian option works so don’t waste your money.”

There are many international companies like Vital Proteins and Dose & Co. that have been endorsed by the likes of Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian and there are some available in India as well. Dr. Sethi’s picks are Neocell, Nutrova, Redberry Collagen by Skin Pro.

The dosage that gives best results

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Dr. Sethi further suggests dosage and says, “You want to take 2.5-10 grams daily for the best results, so tablets cannot do the job usually because of the dosage. The data is all based around the dosing.” So, it’s imperative to keep them in mind when you order the supplements.

What is the best time to take collagen?

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As per Dr.Sethi there is no best time to take it.

“So some say in the morning on an empty stomach to prevent stomach acid from breaking it down or some say at night because it’s the best time for rejuvenation. I say it really doesn’t matter. Stomach acid is designed to break down everything into its requisite nutrients- that’s why it exists. So, it will and should break down collagen peptides into needed amino acids. If you take it empty stomach it will do it faster and with food, it will be slower because food increases stomach acid. Day or night doesn’t matter as there is no data that suggests which timing is better”

However, she does have a tip on when to take it, “Take it on an empty stomach at any time of the day. You can also dump it into your coffee or any drink.”

Now that we have decoded this buzzy beauty ingestible, you can decide whether you want to try it out. Do your research and consult the right person before choosing any supplement. 


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