Learn About Different Types Of Skin Pigment Disorders And Tips To Reduce It

Types Of Skin Pigmentation On The Face: Almost everybody has heard about Melanin, and nearly all sun protection products make a mention of it in their sales pitch. An essential task of melanin is to protect the skin by absorbing the harmful UV rays. If everything goes, the perfect way melanin is supposed to be evenly distributed along the skin, but it does not happen that way because of several known and unknown reasons. The result? Blotch, discoloured skin or spots on the skin or a darker or lighter shade of skin than usual. This is called skin pigmentation.
There are mainly three types of skin pigmentation:

Hypopigmentation: When the melanin production is low, it leads to conditions such as albinism.
Depigmentation: Leading to conditions of now known aetiology such a Vitiligo.
Hyperpigmentation: This is caused by over synthesis of melanin.

Other reasons for hyperpigmentation are medications such as the chemotherapy drug, melasma, pregnancy hormones and endocrine diseases such as Addison’s disease, and genetics. There is also post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation that is caused because of acne or injuries that have not had the time to heal correctly. Hyperpigmentation goes by various names, for example, the brown spots that appear because of sun exposure begin with freckles and mature into sun spots or age spots, or the violin neck on violin players where the violin touches the throat. The darkness between the thigs is also a kind of hyperpigmentation! Hyperpigmentation can be avoided and treated by suppressing the triggers and using active treatment therapy.

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