Body contouring has become very popular in the last few years. Thanks to latest technology and resources that help patients in the reduction of unwanted fat without any surgical intervention, this mode of body contouring treatment has found takers galore. From getting tighter skin to wrinkle reduction—there is a whole lot of add-on benefits of body contouring. The biggest advantage is that body contouring makes you get a superb figure without having to workout extensively. As we get older, out skin might sag and any cellulite stubbornly refuses to be wiped away, the result is that these get deposited in some areas of our body—think—thighs, abdomen and the mid-back. 

Dermatologist Mumbai offer the following modes of body contouring treatment- 

Cryolipolysis– This is a latest means of body contouring treatment by which the fat is frozen before being eliminated from the body naturally. This is one of the best means since it needs no downtime. Machines performing the same include Coolsculpting and Zimmer.

RF Body Contouring– This makes use of RF Energy for the reduction of cellulite across areas such as underarms, buttocks, abdomen and thighs.

Skin Tightening – As an add-on to body contouring, the clinic offers skin tightening as well. This can be used to treat body stretch marks and loose skin. This is effective once you have has weight loss of even liposuction.

Body Contouring treatment in Mumbai

As people have started becoming more self-aware and body image has become of importance, body contouring services have become quite popular. There are several cosmetologists and dermatologists offering body contouring treatment in Mumbai, specializing in fat reduction and removal of signs of ageing. Most popular types of body contouring treatments include –

  • Laser Therapy: This FDA approved body contouring procedure entails focusing cold laser energy at a localized area. As the fat cells break down, the surrounding skin tissue firms up and contours into a toned shape.
  • Ultrasound Therapy: In this body contouring method, focused sound waves of high intensity are focused at the fat rich area. The sound waves break down the adipose tissue walls gradually, hence multiple sessions are required to avail maximum benefits.
  • Radio-frequency: Much like the ultrasound therapy, the radio-frequency therapy also relies on focusing radio-frequency on fat prone area. As a result heat is generated in the adipose tissue, causing its breakdown.
  • Cryolipolysis: This treatment induces a controlled frostbite aimed at fat cells and does not affect the skin cells. As the fat cell freezes, they get processed by the natural metabolism of the body, leaving behind a smoother and contoured skin.

Body Contouring Treatment Before and After Photos-

Specific treatment plans are designed for body contouring in abdomen area, thighs, buttocks, love handles and flanks. To choose from a wide range of options for Body contouring treatment in Mumbai, make sure to look for dermatologists with not only expertise but also experience in performing operative as well as non-operative procedures. Visit Dr. Rinky Kapoor for availing the best body contouring and body sculpting services.

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