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Skin Specialist in Andheri West, Mumbai

Should you be seeing a skin specialist in Mumbai Andheri West?

Wrinkles and acne are extremely common, no matter which part of the world you may be in. However, there are a whole lot of other skin problems that can affect your skin too. If ignored even small skin problems can lead to serious complications if not treated in time. Seeing a skin specialist in Mumbai Andheri West, such as Dr. Rinky Kapoor, can be a great idea if you feel that your skin condition is causing you to lose your self-esteem and confidence.

Skin specialists at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai Andheri West, like Dr. Rinky Kapoor, are not only specialists in skin care but also experts in hair and nail care. If you have a problem with any of these, you can expect that it will be resolved. If you are still wondering whether visiting a skin specialist in Mumbai Andheri West is a good idea, then here are specific reasons why the answer is yes. 

You have severe acne

Acne is certainly not a teenager’s problem that goes away with age. It is something that adults too can suffer from, in Mumbai Andheri West. Adult acne can be extremely embarrassing and if you have it, then you will probably have a tough time telling people why you do. Not only does it look very unappealing, it also leads to other problems such as difficulty in putting on makeup and appearance Not to mention that adult acne can be pretty painful as well. A skin specialist in Mumbai Andheri West like Dr. Rinky Kapoor will also be able to help with a teenager’s acne problem with a prescribed course of treatment.

You have eczema

If you have eczema, you may suffer from any number of chronic skin conditions that are distressing and that can make you feel bad about yourself. The skin specialist in Mumbai Andheri West you choose will tell you that dermatitis eczema is the most common type of the condition and it occurs mostly in children and babies. The skin specialist in Mumbai Andheri West you choose will be able to diagnose the condition properly with tests and screenings and recommend the treatment accordingly. 

You are suffering from hair loss

Hair loss and Hair fall are other conditions that should make you look for the best skin specialist in Mumbai Andheri East as soon as possible. This is because hair fall is not a good thing no matter what age you are. It can be embarrassing to lose too much hair and it is certainly not great if you are getting prematurely bald. A skin specialist in Mumbai Andheri West can help you by understanding why such a problem is happening in the first place and then drawing out a treatment plan that will resolve it.

Changes in your skin because of Ageing

Everyone ages and the most important tell-tale sign is your skin. Any specialist in Mumbai Andheri West knows that most of her patients are worried about their skin aging faster than they would like. Whether it is wrinkles, crows’ feet or fine lines, getting rid of them is not easy but the specialist will be able to guide you on your path to graceful aging. There are several medications available that make the aging process easier on the skin and your skin specialist in Mumbai Andheri West will be able to prescribe one that is perfect for you.

Testing for skin cancer

Did you know that skin cancer is actually the most common type of cancer in the world? Yes, that’s right. That is why most skin specialists in Mumbai Andheri West will recommend her patients to go for skin testing for cancer every year. Especially with the polluted air and harsh sun in Mumbai and if you are in a profession that has you see a lot of sunlight then your chances of skin cancer increases. Whatever be your genetic predisposition, getting tested every year may be a very good reason why you should visit a skin specialist in Mumbai Andheri West.

Apart from the above, there are very many other reasons why you may feel the need to visit a skin specialist in Mumbai Andheri West. If you have decided that visiting one is the best course of action for you, then go ahead. Here are things that every skin specialist wants people to know about their skin. 

Things your dermatologist wants you to know 

  1. Don’t use products that promise ‘squeaky clean’ skin: That’s right. There are lots of advertisements targeted at people who have oily or acne prone skin that promises products that will give you skin that is squeaky clean. But every skin specialist knows that such products will rob the skin off its essential moisture and make it dry. Something you wouldn’t want to do to your skin!going to bed the sack every night: This is something that is a pet peeve with skin specialists in Mumbai Andheri West! They can’t believe that people still go to bed without cleaning their face and removing all makeup. If you don’t do that, remember that everything that your face has come into contact with since the morning stays as it is and you are going to bed with all that gunk! If you feel too tired to wash your face every night, make sure you use a face wipe at least before you hit the bed.
  2. Using anti-aging creams work: That is right. The truth is that every skin specialist knows that most people do well when they use anti-aging creams. They usually recommend starting to use a cream as early as possible as the action becomes less effective as the age of the individual goes up.
  3. Drinking a lot of water will not hydrate your skin: Now this is one beauty myth that most skin specialists in Mumbai Andheri West like Dr. Rinky Kapoor will want to burst. The truth is that how hydrated the skin is, depends on the atmospheric conditions of a place and not on how much water intake is happening.

 The Esthetic Clinics provides top dermatologists in Mumbai Andheri West like Dr. Rinky Kapoor, to treat you and make your skin better.

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