In today’s world which is moving forward at a rapid speed, there are many problems faced by the people like hair fall, bad skin, becoming overweight to name a few. But, hair loss is a major problem faced by the people and they do anything to hide this problem. People get different hairstyles to hide the problem of hair fall.

But it is best to start getting the treatment for hair fall, before it gets worse. Sometimes hair fall can be due to genetics or any medical health condition. The reaction of different medicines also causes hair fall.

The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai provide the best hair fall treatment in Mumbai. The clinic also provides the customers with different procedures of treatments for the problem of hair fall.

Common causes of hair fall problem

The causes of hair fall can be many. Some of them are listed under.

  • Hereditary reasons
  • Hormonal disorder
  • Stress
  • Drugs

Hair fall therapies

Following are some therapies which are commonly used by dermatologists to provide their customer the utmost satisfaction.

  • Hair fall in men:

Minoxidil is a drug which is used over the crown area of the head because this is the area where men majorly lose hair.

  • Hair fibre powder:

This powder is sprinkled over the area where there is thinning of hair. This powder helps in giving the perfect look to the person facing the problem of hair loss.

  • Surgery:

This is the most widely used method of increasing hair. This is a costly and a time-consuming procedure.

There are many unprofessional who fool people on the pretext of providing best hair fall treatment in Mumbai. But the customer should always consider the people’s reviews regarding any person’s treatment. Experts at The Esthetic Clinics Mumbai, first consider the customer’s medical treatment and the type of skin before advising him the treatment for hair fall. The prices are reasonable and can be afforded by any person.

Side effects of the treatment

Anything that is done with the help of chemicals has side effects to it. Following are few side effects of the hair fall treatment therapy.

  • Burning sensation:

People might feel the sensation of burning or itching in the area where the therapy has been done.

  • Reddening on the area:

Some people who have delicate or sensitive skin may also start noticing the red skin on the area.

  • Facial hair growth:

Women especially might face this side effect having the treatment for hair loss.

  • Soreness at the roots of the hair:

After the therapy people might also start noticing swelling or soreness at the roots of the hair on their scalp.

  • Swollen face:

There are chances that people might start noticing swelling on their face causing them trouble while chewing the food or speaking.

All the above-mentioned points were the side effects of the hair loss treatment. Many of these can be avoided if hair fall treatment in Mumbai is done under the supervision of the best experts.

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