Today is the age of beauty and glamour that is why people require medical practitioners who can make them beautiful and help them in remaining the same for life.  The trend is quite modern; hence there are less of doctors who are into this profession of beautification. Doctors who deal with your skin renewal and other skin related requirements are known as Cosmetologist.

In this blog, let’s understand who is a cosmetologist, and how exactly they can help you:

Being a Cosmetologist:

Cosmetologist in Medical industry alludes to a specialist who gives the medicinal treatment identified with conditions affecting skin, hair and nails. Then again, Cosmetologist in magnificence industry is worried about excellence treatment. A cosmetologist gives care to skin, hair and nails.

A Cosmetologist is a restorative expert who first looks forward for the root cause of a skin/hair disease and then put his findings to give medications to the ailments/state of skin, hair and nails. To be a medical cosmetologist, one should be alum from a medical school. Afterward, a specialized training course in Cosmetology needs to be attended, where they understand various techniques such as essential surgery, rheumatology, neurology, and endocrinology which help a patient to recover from the skin or hair disease at once. These people are also specialized persons to conduct cosmetic surgeries as well as restorative surgeries etc.

There are various subspecialties and interests in this field including restorative, age control, Liposuction and hair repair treatments which are done under the assistance of a qualified cosmetologist.

Dr. Rinky Kapoor is an expert when it comes to Cosmetology or Dermatology , here we will like to make it clear that Cosmetology only handles issues with skin and nail while the branch of science which deals in curing hair or scalp related issues is called dermatology.

She had practiced for over 15 years and is also been rewarded as the best cosmetologist in Kandivali. In her career, she had worked with various top notch hospitals including likes of Fortis and Apollo hospitals, and had cured number of patients with her experience. The non-surgical liposuction treatment is an artwork which she does, as the people using her services are more than satisfied by the time the procedure ends.

Tips to find the best Cosmetologist:

If you are in a search of a qualified Cosmetologist in Kandivali, then before walking-in to their clinic, just go through this process once to check whether they qualify as a cosmetologist or not:

  1. The cost of the treatment; Generally a particular treatment will cost nearly the same with most of the doctors in the same field, however if someone is charging fairly less or more then think again, before you book an appointment.
  2. Their advice during the counseling session: Don’t commit for the treatment directly rather go for counseling, in case the doc advices you to undergo a surgical treatment for your ailment consider a second opinion.

Dr. Rinky Kapoor had always been focused to serve the mankind with her knowledge and experience considering money as her second benefit and satisfaction of the patient as primary.

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