Hair fall is the worst nightmare for many people. Especially for those with a very on-the-go lifestyle, everything takes its toll on the hair. Exposure to harsh sunlight, imperfect diet, bad nutrition, lack of sleep, overwork and stressful life, alcohol and smoking, age – everything has a big impact on the hair. If you are experiencing severe hair fall, it is time to consult a dermatologist in Mumbai. Before you set the appointment, you need to educate yourself about what treatments are being done these days, so that a better decision can be made. Here is a complete guide to the best hair fall treatment in Mumbai.

Treatment #1: Medication

For the patients whose hair fall case is not very severe but still noticeable, medication is the first step. Oral vitamins and other necessary nutrients are prescribed to the patient for a few weeks to observe the outcome. If it works, all is good. If not, the dermatologist proceeds further into treatment.

Treatment #2: Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a popular kind of treatment being done in the clinics in Mumbai these days. Growth factors are injected directly into the patient’s scalp using injections. These growth factors help stimulated the stunted growth of hair. It typically requires repeated sessions of about 1mL injections each, and may take a long time before you begin to actually see the results.

Treatment #3: Hair transplants

This treatment is highly surgical in nature. A strip of hair needs to be harvested from the scalp of the patient, which is then cultured and grafted back into the follicles of the patient. These methods require more time and money than other methods.

Hair loss is not a terminal trouble anymore, with so many treatments available with Dr Rinky Kapoor in Mumbai. Book a consultation with her today!

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