It is important to get your tattoo removed by qualified and reputed dermatologists, as a wrong procedure can ruin the skin.  Laser tattoo removal in Mumbai is much sought after as more and more individuals find the need to be rid of tattoos they were once proud to sport.

Lasers to the rescue

Lasers have made it possible to remove tattoos which were earlier considered permanent. Q Switched Nd: YAG Laser and Q Switched Alexandrite laser are the preferred choice of dermatologists for better results. Other surgical methods of treatment have fallen out of favour for tattoo removal in Mumbai because of the relative efficiency of lasers.

Q switched lasers

Q Switched lasers involve high intensity laser beams that are focussed on ink pigments. It causes the pigmentation to break into minute particles which are then purged fro the body through natural processes. This technique provides an appreciable lightening of most colours but works more effectively on darker inks like black and blue. Q Switched Nd: YAG is comparatively less effective for tackling green and yellow tattoo inks. Q Switched Alexandrite laser is a significantly improvised laser technique that aids many people to get rid of unwanted tattoos safely. The Alex laser works effectively for all hues except yellow and red. Over a series of treatment sessions successful outcomes can be easily achieved.

Scar-free procedures

Q switched laser techniques do not leave any significant marks or scars on the skin. This compares better with surgical excisions which are old-fashioned treatments for tattoo removal. Surgical procedures require many months to remove the tattoo completely depending on the size. Additionally it leaves a visible scar after the procedure.

Cutting edge lasers have revolutionised the treatment for removal of tattoos. The advantages of receiving laser treatment for tattoo removal are the freedom from scars and the effectiveness of eliminating the tattoos. The painless procedures over multiple sessions help to gradually remove the tattoos, fading it into obscurity. The highlight of the procedure is the fact that surrounding skin remains unaffected by the lasers.

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