Without exception, individuals below a certain age desire to possess flawless, radiant and blemish free skin. CO2 laser treatment helps to revitalize skin and get rid of acne scars, wrinkles and stretch marks. Proven results reaffirm the fact that carbon dioxide laser skin resurfacing is the gold standard skin treatment.  Here is what you need to know about carbon dioxide laser skin resurfacing.

CO2 laser treatment for acne scars

Carbon dioxide CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatment involves targeted focusing of laser beams on the skin. The heat on the damaged dermis layer stimulates the skin repair cells, regenerating new collagen and elastin, which are vital for smooth skin. Additionally, layers of dermis are peeled off by CO2 laser, revealing fresh skin.  This treatment is also known popularly as lasabrasion or laser vaporization.

Scything through elevated and uneven layers on the skin

Carbon dioxide (Co2) laser treatment efficiently treats the elevated layers on the skin such as acne scars. Co2 laser treatment for scars involves the layer-by-layer removal of firm material forming the scars. It is then naturally replaced by soft collagen and elastin that are newly generated by the stimulated skin. Co2 laser treatments offer better results compared to other abrasive treatments like chemical peels. The procedure of Co2 laser treatment for acne scars is far more accurate offering safer treatment by not harming the surrounding areas of the skin. 

Revitalizing skin through carbon dioxide laser skin resurfacing

Skin can get a revitalized look by carbon dioxide laser skin resurfacing that reduces the open pores. It is anti aging in nature by removing the layers of skin layer gradually with great accuracy. The appropriate amount of heat and light generated by laser beams are focused on to the desired skin layer to stimulate the growth of fresh collagen that refills the pits left by scars. This method will help to get rid of the pigment and lightens the complexion by eliminating the dead and damaged skin layers.

CO2 laser treatment for acne scars has rapidly gained popularity for the effectiveness and speed with which treatment offers solutions.

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