Lipolysis, an aesthetic procedure to break down fats or lipids, is the perfect step to take to remove unwanted fat tissue deposits. It can be carried out using one of many methods such as cold temperatures, radio frequency, laser, microinjections and ultrasound. Lipolysis helps individuals to obtain the exact body contour desired. If you have a need to remove stubborn fat and cellulite deposits in the region of your thighs, mid section and behind, this is an effective fat elimination technique. Lipolysis in Mumbai offers fat removal through a simple procedure. 

Undesirable bulges in different parts of the body have triggered the coining of phrases that can at times sound humorous, while causing offence sometimes. This includes love handles, bra bulges and muffin tops. Read on to understand more about the benefits of undergoing lipolysis in Mumbai from an acclaimed and trusted centre.

#1 Destroy and remove problematic fat

Lipolysis is an efficient treatment for the destruction and removal of fatty build up in the thighs, bottom and abs. It is also a preferred method of body contouring, to complement and render a perfect finishing effect to serious weight loss programmes, post pregnancy. Working women who are more conscious of their appearance or individuals who work in the glamour industry find the need to remove stubborn and unwanted fat clinging to their curves post childbirth. 

#2 Effective Results, Positive Outcomes

Despite best attempts at dieting, exercise and pursuing of a healthy lifestyle, many individuals find it challenging to lose weight in certain parts of their body. Months of efforts sometimes offer little or no changes, causing great disappointment in individuals. Lipolysis is an effective method to rid the body of undesirable fat bulges that mar the contours of the body.

#3 Injections that trigger the breakdown of adipose tissue for gradual flushing

Lipolysis involves the administering of injections in sub cutaneous fat in the body. This triggers the breakdown of adipose tissue, which in turn sets off a process of fat breaking down to turn into free fatty acids and glycerol. The natural metabolism of the body then takes over, flushing out the broken down free fatty acids and glycerol. The process, as can be seen is relatively easier to undergo than other invasive procedures that require anaesthesia.

#4 Minimal Side Effects

Lipolysis has minimal side effects. The negligible irritants that come with treatment include minor swelling and soreness which actually fully recovers in a matter of days. This translates into lesser time lost from routine work and other productive activities. 

#5 Quick Results

Within just 4-8 weeks of the completion of the lipolysis procedures, you get to see the results for yourself. This procedure is best utilised by patients who are healthy with a stable weight, to get rid of localised fat deposits.  The ease with which treatment delivers solutions makes the treatment attractive when compared to other cumbersome procedures that involve multiple days in a hospital with longer recovery or stabilisation time.

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