Skin is not only the largest but also the fastest growing organ. Therefore, treating it requires the care of specialists from reputed clinics. Locating the best skin doctor in Mumbai is surprisingly easy, considering the range of treatments and their effectiveness provided by the best skin clinic in Mumbai. Let us draw closer to the treatments offered for various derma related problems.

Skin rejuvenation for youthful look through microdermabrasion

Skin requires to be exfoliated regularly for soft and supple look. However, as age sets in, it may become difficult to exfoliate or get desired results. This calls for external intervention in the form of gentle and highly advanced procedures that help to keep the skin fresh and young.  Seeking the services of top skin specialist in Mumbai will help to smoothen the skin and render it free from discolouration and minor marks.

Removal of warts and moles

A near flawless skin can lose its appeal with a few warts or moles. In this era of technology and advanced medical science it is possible to remove warts and moles without any scarring.  Getting rid of unwanted protrusions and marks has now become a simple procedure offered by skin specialist doctors in Mumbai. Relatively less time consuming procedures, the recurrence of these removed graceless protrusions and marks are nil.

Lasers on the war with scars

Scars are unwelcome inhabitants on skin, attracting unwanted attention and causing discomfort. The advances in laser treatment help to minimise the appearance of scars to near nil levels. Fractional carbon dioxide laser treatments are much sought after for the results as well as the convenience of the procedure. Choosing the top skin specialist in Mumbai will help to get the best treatment at the hands of specialists with the best equipment.

Skin toning with thermage

Skin specialist doctors in Mumbai of reputed centres offer one of the proven intervention methods to tone skin. Through the use of radiofrequency energy, the skin is tightened and smoothened, in addition to stimulating the production of collagen.  This helps to lend a youthful looking skin tone in one single session

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