Hair loss can deprive an individual of social interaction and contribute to diffidence in all activities. The reasons for loss of hair are as numerous as the treatment options available. However, what needs to be understood that hair loss can create great stress in individuals which can result in further hair loss. The best hair fall treatment in Mumbai is profiled below which will give an idea of how treatments are effective for specific causes.

QR 678 for successful stimulation of follicular cells

The best hair loss treatment in Mumbai includes the much acclaimed QR678 therapy which involves injection of stimulants into the scalp. Over multiple sessions, straddling close to ten months the injections of similar number will help rejuvenate and stimulate hair growth. The direct delivery into the scalp ensures that results are better, and it prevents side effects. One of the advantages of this therapy is that it can act as the precursor to more severe cases of alopecia that demand a hair transplant.

Medication in early stages of hair loss

Proven medication is recommended for patients diagnosed in the early stages of hair loss. Minoxidil is available in tropical presentation as a liquid, of various concentrations which are recommended as per the intensity of the hair loss. Propecia, available in oral medication presentation is used to treat baldness in men. The efficacy of medication depends on the stage of hair loss and the extent of hair loss already experienced. While it can combat, and prevent further hair, stimulating regrowth of hair differs from individual to individual.

Your own platelets to stimulate regrowth

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is drawn from your own blood which is then injected into the scalp through a fine needle. The blood is treated to extract only the PRP before it is injected into the scalp. This has been acknowledged as one of the most effective methods of treatment for restoration of hair and to combat hair loss.  The concentrated PRP stimulates the follicles to regrow, which makes it an ideal treatment either by itself or in combination with transplant options for better results in cases of extreme hair loss.

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