The lips can change the appearance of the face and denote the health of the body. But not everyone is blessed with the best shape in lips. The shape of the lips can be naturally asymmetrical or in some other way disfigured, probably due to accident or scarring. Cosmetic medicine thankfully has come up with many treatments to take care of the various problems. The scene of cosmetic medicine in India is equipped to handle various lip related issues including the following.

Lip Augmentation

The model / best type of lips are defined as full and luscious. Thin lips might make the person look tired and exhausted or even give a permanently pursed look. But full lips look healthy and attractive. Lips might define the look of the face. While thin lips make the person look older and duller, full lips look more beautiful. Lip augmentation is done with a filler that makes thin lips look fatter, or a fat injection that gives more form and substance to the upper lip.

Lip Reduction

While thin, small lips make the face look older, thick lips can give a disfigured look to the mouth and the jaw. Thick lips happen because of a misalignment of the lip muscles. The hidden cleft lips give an appearance of double lips, and this can be corrected by the removal of excess fibro fatty tissue. The original normal lip muscle is oriented and the frenum is lengthened.

If the lower lips is thicker (usually due to a small receded chin that alters the axis of pull of muscles and leads to bigger swollen looking misshapen lips, it can be corrected by chin enlargement and lip reduction performed together.

Cleft Lips

One cannot talk about lip problems without mentioning cleft lips. This is a defect that appears at birth and can involve the upper lip forming a cleft together with the nose, with no distinction, making it look weird and twisted. The lip and palate are not individual problems but are the indicators of deeper problems. Cleft lips appear at birth and early physical therapies help a great deal in reconstructive surgeries at later periods. The cleft lip surgery can be done at the age of three months. Many techniques including bone grafting are used to take care of the deformity based on what type of cleft lip is affecting the patient.

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