The skin is a wonderful organ, the largest in the body. It is also one of the most exposed and parts of the body, inevitably. Therefore, it is prone to many problems, most of which are easily ignored or treated with over the counter drugs that are not prescribed. There is absolutely no idea about the right time to seek dermatologist intervention and some people do it too often while others wait even beyond the due date.

When Does The Skin Need Cosmetic / Dermatologist Intervention?

How is possible to identify the right time to consult a skin care clinic? When should you seek medical advice? Here are few pointers to help you:

When Repeated Treatments Don’t Work – the first solution to all health problems, obviously are the home remedies. These work well for common, small level ailments including acne or blemishes but for more serious issues, treating the disease at home will only worsen the condition.

To Consult If The Problem Requires Surgical Intervention – there are many skin problems that cannot be merely corrected with the normal home remedies and require the intervention of a dermatologist to understand and treat it better

When The Problem Keeps Recurring – this is again a major issue. A skin lesion, blemish or rash appears suddenly and goes away with the home remedies or basic over the counter drugs. But if the skin disease returns to the body after a while, it can me marked down as permanent and requires dentist intervention.

When You Can Recognise The Symptoms – certain diseases like the vitiligo leave available clear symptoms. There are a few diseases, however that have many symptoms including rashes and itching in common and it is best to consult in a skin care clinic to determine the nature of the disease and the best treatment methods available.

Skin care clinics work to identify the right type of disease with the symptoms and few medical tests including the biopsy test and blood tests to check the type of disease, the root cause, the level or intensity of the disease and finally the best available course of treatment. Though certain ailments cannot be actually, completely cured, the discomfort can be reduced to a great extent and dermatologists focus on the combination of medicine, non invasive surgery, recovery exercises to help the skin regain normalcy.

The scene of dermatology in India has seen a huge leap of improvement in the last few years with the advent of laser technology and it has been used to cure a lot of serious and cosmetic skin problems and cured them effectively. The Esthetic Clinics ( are amongst the best skin care clinic in Mumbai, India and these clinics have a team of dermatologists, cosmetologists, dermato surgeon experts and skin laser experts.

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