Acne treatment and some types of cosmetic procedures can be carried out by a skin specialist in Mumbai. Skin specialists in India are usually dermatologists and cosmetologists. Choosing the best one is key to successful and effective treatment with results that are sure to last. These tips should help you choose the best skin specialist in Mumbai:

  • Choose a dermatologist – General and cosmetic dermatologists are medical doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of skin diseases. They are fully trained and authorized to administer certain types of specialty treatments, too, such as laser therapies for skin whitening and scar removal, and body contouring methods.
  • Look for board certification – Make sure that the dermatologist is board certified and has passed rigorous training. Dermatologists may be trained in specialized procedures, too, such as skin surgeries and cosmetic surgery. Do keep in mind that board certification is not an instant guarantee of the doctor’s skill and expertise, but it does prove that the dermatologist is someone who is knowledgeable and possesses the credentials and proper training to earn his or her title.
  • Find out its expertise – Determine the expertise and specializations of the dermatologist in Mumbai. Some may possess specialist certifications in dermatopathology, clinical and laboratory dermatological immunology, and pediatric dermatology. Look up the types of conditions and skin diseases that the dermatologist is known for.
  • Look up the services and treatment programs – You can usually learn about these in his or her website. This way, you have an idea what to expect, and you can determine if the dermatologist can help you with a specific skin problem.
  • Learn about the dermatologist’s bedside manners – Find someone who is nice and friendly. Choose a dermatologist who is willing to listen to you. A good way to learn about a doctor’s bedside manner is to look up reviews and feedback about him or her online.

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